I don't relly happy when i'm UK. maybe because i don't study hard, always think i waste money and time to stay here, or maybe because recently too many friends've already gone back their country. a lot of things piss me off. I don't know how to let me happy. I feel depressed and time still goes. 


everyday when i go to school, i always expect break time's coming. Classmates change all the time, i'm tired to know about them. i don't feel relax in class, even thought my teacher is still Horatio. i'm always getting bored. 


Finally i finished prision break season 2, now i hope i can concentrate on my studying. I'm going to push myself to study. if i did this well, i'll be happy after few weeks. i always tell myself  "enjoy every moment in UK, one day i'll come back Taiwan." i'll try my best to make myself happy.

最近呢...我終於把Prison Break第一、二季搞定..可以好好把心思放在念書上...我最近要逼自己好好念了..我想醬我就不會覺得空虛了吧...對自己或對爸媽都算有了交代...常常對自己說”好好把握在英國的每一刻,因為總有一天我會回台灣”好好讓自己開開心心吧!!!

sorry~ write about this. i don't want u to worry about me. Let's write about my last weekend.


On Friday, i went to King and Queen (pub) for Birgul leaving party, then i went to Creation(club). it's first time to go to club since i came back UK. i enjoyed that day. maybe because i was a little drunk. XD

星期五..去King and Queen(Pub),Birgul離別Party...他是我第三位在英國識識的同學吧....離開還真有點捨不得!!之後去Creation Club,好久沒去...這還是我回英國後第一次去Club,還玩的有點小high...喝了一些酒吧^^

On Saturday, i went to ex-homestay to have lunch with Doruk. it's very interesting to watch his walking, like bear. He reminds of my curly tebby bear. He cooked the turkish food again. it tasted much better than before. he said he's already cooked a lot of time for his friends. The most hilarious thing is-- he asked for me to take 2 bags ( we bought lots of thing in supermarket) for a while because he want to buy some cigarattes. i asked him why? he said the seller come from turkey, if he took these big bags in, he must be asked why he carry these thing. Face Problem, hahahahahahahahaha

星期六,去前Homestay找Doruk吃飯去...沒想到他又要煮...這次信誓旦旦跟我說...他練習了大概有10幾次以上...這次一定比以前好吃 :) 我們去Sainsbury採買(Sainsbury換地點了..變的比較像台灣的Tesco..有2層喔又大喔)..買了很多..不用說當然是弟弟提囉..回去舊家途中,他說他要買煙,問我可不可以提一下..我問為什麼,他說因為老闆是土耳其人,如果看他提這麼多東西,會問東問西....我只能說"他愛面子啦"

On Sunday, i went to Arundel Castle. it took about 2 hrs from Brighton station to go there. that day is good day. it's gorgeous there. this is the second castle i've visited. Compare to the Leeds Castle, Arundel Castle is cutier and more comfortable. it's shame we can't take pictures inside. i like their decoration, especially  emblems. sometimes i'm curious they showed sword, nife, gun, did they relly used to kill people? i imaged the pic weapon with red blood. We looked around about 2 hrs. then we picniced on the grass. it's a nice place to go there. 

星期日,我去Arundel城堡參觀,我們大概花2個小時的車程..我覺得這城堡是走可愛風..東西雖然不像Leeds Castle精緻..但要我選住的話..我會選這裡吧...QQQQ 牆上掛的圖畫...都很可愛喔...可惜裡面不能拍照啦...我最喜歡他們裝飾,很多都是像徽章的那種圖案..很英國風...他們也展示了武器,像槍、刀、劍、服裝等...我都會去想像這些曾經沾血的情景...anyway...這邊還滿值得去晃的...天氣滿好...附近可以野餐喔!!!

information about Arundel Castle 
web: www.arundelcastle.org
stuent entrance fee: 9.5~ 10.5 pounds
transportation fee: 3.7 pounds (from Brighton,returen ticket, included train and bus fee)
visit time: 2 hrs

Arundel Castle城堡相關資訊

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  • Yuki
  • miss as well

    i know ur feeling
    cause i'm not really happy recentely even though i'm going to travel...
    i admire that u can stay in uk until Nov.
    however,we're always facing something that we don't like it.
    this is life,isn't?
    cheer up~
    i'm sure u can do a great stuff!
  • 向
  • 你最近還好吧...希望你趕快恢復之前那開朗活潑ㄉ活力,我想每個人一定都曾經有過像你這樣ㄉ心情,但終究還是會有解決ㄉ辦法,還是會恢復ㄉ,所以不要太難過,我想過不了多就你就會恢復ㄉ,呵...你一定可以找到自己ㄉ方向和目標ㄉ,加油...
  • lillian
  • dear may 加油哦!在人生每一個階段都會有煩惱,但相對的也會有成長及收獲地…
  • Penny
  • I didn't go into the castle. Just go around ouside. Since my classmates think admission charge is too hign. Also it was heavy raining. After we finished lunch. then go back Brighton.
    May.... 加油哦...
  • tso
  • 你在想念誰啊?