today is swiss classmates leaving day, beacuse they have to start their school next week. (they are so young, isn't it? jealous)i'm a little sad~maybe we just met this time. anyway~enjoy your life~ Danial, John, Jan!!!

他們只來三個禮拜...希望他們有好好enjoy他們的Brighton 假期

John(left) and Jan(right). when i see Jan everytime, he always let me remind someone  in  "流星花園"(Japan comics). i forgot the name. it's shame on my memory.

In UK, there are a lot birds. u should be careful when u sit under the tree. it's easy to get shit. Jan is a good example, hahahhahaha....he said " i hate birds" hahha he is soooo cute and lovely.
英國有很多鳥...所以待在樹下要小心...很容易中獎滴!!! Jan就中獎了...直說"i hate birds"..超Q的啦~

of couse taking pics with them.

everyone sit in a circle. enjoy the sunshine and the last moment.

me and Jan

me and Danial
their english is very good. i think they don't need to come to UK to learn english. younger than me, speaking, listening, reading, writing all better than me. just wanna say "shit" i hate u all. hahahah just kidding

when i took pic for them, i felt funny. Dimitry(right), althought u r taller than me, u look very short in this pic. hahaha~then, block (sorry, i don't know how to spell,, he is a new student from turkey. 19 years old,handsome guy.) laught at him. so next few pic Dimitry always sit in front of them. hahhahaha

照這張相的時候,我一直笑,因為Dimitry(右),比較起來就是比較矮...雖然他比我高。哈哈...被土耳其弟笑,真可憐,之後拍就叫他用蹲的,真的超狠的他...哈哈哈!!! 土耳其弟是新來的學生...才19歲...怎麼都這麼年輕丫...討厭啦!!!

poor dimitry, hahahahaha

Jan looks very funny. ha

John cawaii(jp language, means u r very lovely and cute) i think Jone is wearing hat because he is afraid of the situation like Jan. hahaha

boys come come come

Horatio and my classmates

too many people, so it's difficult to take pics, ha

we have to go back school for next course. i borrowed sunglasses from's cool, isn't it~

more pic:

Danial, John, Jan!!! Enjoy your life!!!
i hope all the best in your future.

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  • 123
  • thanks!
    nice article I will come back in some time for sure!
    Im 16 and jan+daniel are also 16or17
    by the way how long have you been studying english ?
    have you learned it School ?
    greets #John
  • may
  • will u come back? when?
    u r 16, omg~ too young~
    i've learned eng since i was junior high school. 2hrs a week!!
    and how about u?
  • Ellery
  • nice to see u have so many friends in Brit.
    Hope I can travel to Europa once again. If u are still there, we can meet together somewhere sometime.
  • may
  • come here early!!! i hope i can travel Canada as well, but u'r gonna go back tw in July. what's a pity(sigh) if i had lots of money, everything wouldn't have problems. ha
  • Ellery
  • Money is always the problem.
    Hope you can find a job in Europa, and travel as many places as you want.
    Looking forward for the day we can get together~ha
  • may
  • i'm curious when we can meet again. hahaha..but i'm looking forward to. ^o^
  • 向
  • 我覺ㄉ人ㄉㄧ生中,一直都是在上演著離別ㄉ劇情,這種感覺還挺差ㄉ,呵...常常覺ㄉ才剛要熟ㄌ就要分離,你說是不是,呵..布過,你拍ㄉ這些照片,感覺就像在看電影或是連續劇裡片ㄉ常景,好羨慕喔,呵...一群人坐在草地聊天野餐,好好喔...呵...你ㄉ瑞士弟弟們年紀都好輕喔,真可惜不然你就可以給他依下ㄌ,哈...想你喔...
  • may
  • 這就是人生囉..悲歡離合...認了