• Jul 05 Thu 2007 23:39
  • IELT

This week i'm in IELT class. i'm very tired. i think morning class is enough for me. afternoon class is also good because the teacher is Matt. i don't have any reason to be absent. i want to learn more. after class, i always surf online about 2 hurs. than, i go home to have dinner.

Because i have 2 housemates from France. one is 16, the other is 18. They just stay short time in Brighton. i like big sister to take care them now. i don't want to let them down when they talk to me they r boring. sometimes i show them around Brighton and watch movies with them.

after entertaining them, i have shower then review today what i learned. very tiring. it let me feel no time to have a full rest. i'm looking forward to Friday's coming. recently i also consider where i'm going to travel after i finish my course. i have to decide it because i have to apply visa before that. sometimes i wish i was Japanese or Korea people. they can go other country anytime cause they don't have to apply visa.

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  • 感覺你ㄉ生活很充實喔,呵...每天都過ㄉ滿滿ㄉ,現在ㄉ課程比較難依點吧,要好好加油喔,希望你回來ㄉ時候,去考ielt會有步錯ㄉ成績,想你喔...
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