About washing up, my homestay like to use automatic washing mashine, because they think it can economize on water and more cleaner. Although my ex-homestay they don't have washing machine, they insist to use warn water to do washing up. Once i washed up by cold water, my home-mom said it was still dirty. so she washed it up again. In my openion. UK's tableware tends to be dirty. u can find some stain always on it. i think it's clearner by hand wash. water temperature won't effect anything. Using warm water just because of cold day.


About "Perfume". long time ago, i wanted to buy this book to read. i don't know why i put it back when i browsed it in a book shop. finally, yesterday i watched this movie. omg~the main role is sick. i know genius is always a little strange. but this person is too exaggerated. he killed lots of women just for keeing the smell. i can't understand. he doesn't feel sorry. what's a suprised is that Raymond said he want to buy the perfume the last one he made. omg~ i won't buy it. it's horrible to use it. many women died for it. 


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